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19 Dec 2019

Sunny Hill Foundation is creating the biggest Music and Arts hub in the region in cooperation with Municipality of Prishtina

The first of August 2019 was the day where Prishtina Palace of Youth and Sports (Pallati i Rinise) was given back to its youth. Sunny Hill Foundation by working along side the Municipality of Prishtina signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring a creative hub to Prishtina’s youth. In the next 3 years, Sunny Hill Foundation is investing 250,000 euros to bring Sunny Hill Academy to the young people of Kosovo as well as bringing a community of creatives together where they can use the resources in the hub, including rehearsal studios, recording studios and performance spaces for live audiences.

Sunny Hill Foundation has committed to bring to life the biggest music and art hub in the region.

Sunny Hill Foundation is the sole Charity Organization in Kosovo supporting mainly arts and music organizations and underprivileged parts of society in Kosovo.

So far, Sunny Hill Foundation has supported 15 organizations, operating in culture, education, social inclusion and mental health.

We are dedicated to creating and promoting social equality in parts of society that have never enjoyed such benefits.
We want to give a chance to people, groups and communities that have not had a chance to take control of their lives before and to unlock their potential.