About Us

Who we are!

Sunny Hill Foundation is a charity organization set up in Prishtina-Kosovo, under the patronage of Dua Lipa.

We are passionate and dedicated to our society.

We are inspired by our society, and feel, like Dua, that those who have tasted success should pass on the chance for others to follow in their footsteps.


Our mission is simple. With knowledge of our country, and through hard work, we aim to be a helping-hand for the most vulnerable and in-need parts of our community.

We want to reduce poverty and injustice, strengthen democratic values, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement.

We aim to help our community to help itself. We believe in the people of Kosovo; they have the vision to see what is needed, the creativity to overcome problems and the hard work to make a change in their society.

We will give a helping hand to our community. We will support groups and projects that make a direct improvement to people’s lives.

We will fund work that unlocks the creativity and potential of Kosovars. And we will only fund volunteer lead and run organizations, ensuring that every cent is used to help communities to help themselves.

We will bring together our resources, with the expertise, vision and hard work of bright minded people across Kosovo to fund their efforts to bring change to those in need.

We will take our decisions based on a logic and objectivity, and on the results and outcomes that projects offers.

Our Projects

Foundation gives 100,000 Euros for charity


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Sunny Hill Festival 2018

Charity & Festival

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Dua Lipa Performance in Prishtina

Charity & Concert & Performance

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Following the long process of building something brand new from the ashes of discrimination and war, Kosovo needs help to improve the quality of life for all its people.

We are dedicated to creating and promoting social equality in parts of society that have never enjoyed such benefits. We want to give a chance to people, groups and communities that have not hand a chance to take control of their lives before and to unlock their potential.

To address and respond to the present issues in our society, we will work in the following interconnected areas that together, we believe, can help challenge inequality:

  • Youth Opportunity and Inclusion
  • Learning for All
  • Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice
  • Creativity and Free Expression

We will welcome applications from funding from groups across Kosovo, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, economic status or party affiliation.

We particularly welcome applications from minority and marginalized groups. We want our efforts to make a concrete difference to people across Kosovo and to help realize their potential to be forces for positive social change.

We will support volunteer-based organizations. We will not fund permanent salary costs. Our decisions will be based on logic, driven by results, issues, and outcomes.

There is always room for more help; more activism; more work. Being able to help your country and your people is the an act of patriotism.

Our Board

Bujar Musa
President of Ipko Telecommunications
Laura Kryeziu-Selimi
LGC Founder and Chairwoman
Besian Mustafa
CEO at Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency


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